Modals made easy for Vue Developers

The most powerful yet most light-weight modal library for Vue 3.

$npm install vue-final-modal@latest
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Powerful Features

Custom Styling

Write your own CSS or bring libraries like Tailwind/WindiCSS.


Open and close modal programmatically with useModal() composable function.

Support Nuxt 3

SSR support with <Teleport> by default.

Rewrite with Typescript

Rewrite with Typescript for better DX.

Only 7.x kB!

Vue Final Modal focuses on the core functionality of modals, leaves the complex CSS up to the developer.

Contribution Guide

# Install packages
pnpm install --shamefully-hoist

# Build vue-final-modal library first
pnpm build:vfm

# Run both docs and viteplay
pnpm dev

# Run docs: http://localhost:3000/
pnpm dev:docs

# Run viteplay: http://localhost:5173/
pnpm dev:viteplay


Thank you to all the people who already contributed to vue-final-modal!


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๐Ÿš€ If you have any ideas for optimization of vue-final-modal, feel free to open issues or pull requests.